In an uncontested divorce the married couple is able to come to an agreement on division of property, child support, spousal support and all other financial issues.

Securing an uncontested divorce is much less expensive and time-consuming than reaching the terms of divorce through litigation or even mediation. It can also be much less stressing.

Furthermore, divorcing couples know their situations better than a court ever could — this means they are in the best position to make essential decisions regarding property division, child custody, child support and alimony.

In many cases, spouses will have an ongoing relationship even after the divorce and an uncontested divorce provides a stronger foundation for future interactions than divorce litigation.

An attorney is still an essential part of building and finalizing an uncontested divorce agreement. Contact divorce specialist Kevin J. D’Espies today to help with your uncontested divorce: (863) 465-3846 or (954) 522-2767